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Our Clan Info
(September, October, & November)
Time of Day
Early morning
Leader: Dragonstar (@Arcane) 9 lives left
Pantherclaw (@Frostlily)
Havenwind (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Whisperdust (@Viciari)
Cinderlight (@Quake)
Lunarpaw (@Sunset)
Jadepaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Bearstar (@Hollyshade)
Eclipsemoon (@Arcane)
Glacierwave (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Flintcoal (@Viciari)
{reserved for Willow}
Flakepaw (@Quake)
Lightningpaw (@Frostlily)
Leader: Heatherstar (@Quake) 6 lives left
Talonfern (@Arcane)
Flameheart (@Hollyshade)
Medicine cats:
Violetsugar (@Quake)
Brownleaf (@Konesans)
Firepaw (@Frostlily)
Leafpaw (@Arcane)
Notice: SnakeClan is currently going through a drought, as so far, they've gone through Leaf-fall without any rainstorms. Patrols will have to venture to the border shared with LavaClan for water.
Leader: Phoenixstar (@Willow) 9 lives left
Sunsetflame (@Sunset)
Sleetblaze (@Quake)
Medicine cats:
Ambermoon (@Cloudclaw)
Fossilpaw (@Hollyshade)
Mistynight (@Quake)
Leader: Duskstar (@Frostlily) 7 lives left
{reserved for Willow}
Medicine cats:
Aromaspot (@Viciari)
Drywhisker (@Konesans)
Sandpaw (@Cloudclaw)
Glowingpaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Aurastar (@Viciari) 9 lives left
Sharkweb (@Quake)
Cloudclaw (@Cloudclaw)
Medicine cats:
Frostlily (@Frostlily)
Soulshard (@Quake)
Riversong (@Arcane)
{reserved for Willow}
Notice: One of BlizzardClan's main herb tunnels is flooded due to the recent rainstorm, thus preventing them from getting necessary herbs for Leaf-bare. The medicine cats will have to go to other clan territories for the following herbs: Burdock Root, Comfrey, Tansy, Thyme, and Blessed Thistle.
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Rising Moon|Falling Sun|

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Rising Moon|Falling Sun|

Post by Arcane on Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:54 am

R I S I N G  M O O N {Midnight}
《|Open, Sympathetic, Courageous|》
♡ Age: 40 moons
♤ Gender: Male
♡ Sexuality: Heterosexual
♤ Rank: Rogue Leader
♡ Group: Awakening Forest
♤ Mentor: Dying Flame 
♡ Apprentice: Open

《 Appearance: Rising Moon is a large, muscular Maine Coon with a tabby like appearance. His fur consists of multiple shades of grey, black, and white, though the main part of it is the light grey base. His underbelly, chest, and muzzle are all white, and his tabby stripes are a mixture of dark grey and black. With striking green eyes, the long-limbed tom holds large paws and long, sharp claws, while his tail is long and fluffy, much like the rest of his fur.

《 Personality: There's more than meets the eye in the case of Rising Moon, but at the very least he's sharing and sympathetic. Of course he's also clear-headed, courageous and caring, but they're in shorter supply, especially considering they're mixed with being angry as well. His sharing nature though, this is what he's most popular for. Friends frequently count on this and his stable nature especially when they need comforting or support. Nobody's perfect of course and Midnight has a share of darker sides to deal with too. His instability and blunt nature aren't exactly fun to deal with, both personally and for others. Fortunately his sympathetic nature shines brighter on most days.

《 Skills:
♧ Fighting-9
◇ Hunting-4
♡ Basic senses-8
♤ Stealth-4
■ Running-5
□ Swimming-2
● Climbing-6
○ Strength-9
° Stamina-5
¤ Memory skills-4
▪ Herb knowledge-1
☆ Social skills-7

《 Family:
》Mother- Rising Light{Sun}
》Father- Raging Earth{Quake}
》Littermates- None
》Siblings- None
》Crush- Blossoming Red{Rose}[Deceased]
》Mate- Blossoming Red{Rose}
》Kits- Falling Sun{Dusk}|Glittering Waves{Ocean}|Shecat|Open|

《 History: Born to Rising Light and Raging Earth, Rising Moon was the only kit the two mates had. He was treated well and trained well later on, becoming a fighter where he met Blossoming Red. The two fell in love and had two kits moons later when he became a leader, naming them Falling Sun and Glittering Waves. The two kits were treasured by their parents, but Rising Moon soon became the only one to treasure them when Blossoming Red died. In her place grew a rose in his den, and he never lets anyone near it. 
F A L L I N G  S U N {Dusk}
《|Confident, Lovable, Spontaneous|》
♡ Age: 22 moons
♤ Gender: Female
♡ Sexuality: Bisexual
♤ Rank: Rogue Deputy
♡ Group: Awakening Forest
♤ Mentor: Rising Moon
♡ Apprentice: Open

《 Appearance: Falling Sun gets her appearance, well, her build, from her mother, since she obtains a lean, strong build to her tortoiseshell body. Her fur length slightly resembles her father's but much shorter, and she holds his long limbs, but her paws are small with short, sharp claws. Unlike either of her parents, she has eyes that look both amber and green, and the colors fade together towards the pupil. Unlike a large variety of tortoiseshells, she holds no white patches within her fur, only black and ginger.

《 Personality: A lot can be said of Falling Sun, but perhaps most important is that she's lovable and confident. Of course she's also spontaneous, warm and sweet, but they're tainted by and mixed with habits of being dominating as well. Her loving nature though, this is what she's pretty much loved for. People often count on this and her precision in times of need. Nobody's perfect of course and Dusk has plenty of character faults too. Her irresponsibility and monstrous nature tend to get in the way and beyond what people are willing to deal with. Fortunately her confidence is usually there to help mends things when needed.

《 Skills:
♧ Fighting-4
◇ Hunting-9
♡ Basic senses-8
♤ Stealth-6
■ Running-5
□ Swimming-1
● Climbing-8
○ Strength-4
° Stamina-6
¤ Memory skills-4
▪ Herb knowledge-1
☆ Social skills-5

《 Family:
》Mother- Blossoming Red{Rose}
》Father- Rising Moon{Midnight}
》Littermates- Glittering Waves{Ocean}
》Siblings- Her sister
》Crush- Blazing Energy {Fire}
》Mate- No one
》Kits- None

《 History: Falling Sun and Glittering Waves were born to Blossoming Red and fathered by Rising Moon, losing their mother a few moons later. After that they were raised by the other queens and adored by their father, training from the age of six moons and onward. Falling Sun was always close with her father, but recently it's gotten a lot more obvious since the sudden changes in the group. She became deputy only a few moons ago, and though it's stressful she does her best to do what's right for the group.


Hi, I'm Arcane, the creator of this site! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me or if I'm not online, just message any of the other admins, and/or moderators. 

My kitties:
-Jadepaw(med cat app)
-Leafpaw(med cat app)
-Melodypool(med cat) 
-Glowingpaw(med cat app)
-Riversong(med cat app)
Rushing Winds Tribe: 
-Pool of Clear Water(Leader)
Glowing Fires Tribe: 
-Night of No Stars(Leader) 
-Dark Snow at Sunrise(Healer)
Whistling Leaves Tribe: 
-Shining Shadow on Water(heal app)
Awakening Forest: 
-Rising Moon(L) 
-Falling Sun(Dep) 
-Falling Leaves(SH) 
-Blazing Wind 
-Glowing Energy
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