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Our Clan Info
(September, October, & November)
Time of Day
Early morning
Leader: Dragonstar (@Arcane) 9 lives left
Pantherclaw (@Frostlily)
Havenwind (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Whisperdust (@Viciari)
Cinderlight (@Quake)
Lunarpaw (@Sunset)
Jadepaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Bearstar (@Hollyshade)
Eclipsemoon (@Arcane)
Glacierwave (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Flintcoal (@Viciari)
{reserved for Willow}
Flakepaw (@Quake)
Lightningpaw (@Frostlily)
Leader: Heatherstar (@Quake) 6 lives left
Talonfern (@Arcane)
Flameheart (@Hollyshade)
Medicine cats:
Violetsugar (@Quake)
Brownleaf (@Konesans)
Firepaw (@Frostlily)
Leafpaw (@Arcane)
Notice: SnakeClan is currently going through a drought, as so far, they've gone through Leaf-fall without any rainstorms. Patrols will have to venture to the border shared with LavaClan for water.
Leader: Phoenixstar (@Willow) 9 lives left
Sunsetflame (@Sunset)
Sleetblaze (@Quake)
Medicine cats:
Ambermoon (@Cloudclaw)
Fossilpaw (@Hollyshade)
Mistynight (@Quake)
Leader: Duskstar (@Frostlily) 7 lives left
{reserved for Willow}
Medicine cats:
Aromaspot (@Viciari)
Drywhisker (@Konesans)
Sandpaw (@Cloudclaw)
Glowingpaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Aurastar (@Viciari) 9 lives left
Sharkweb (@Quake)
Cloudclaw (@Cloudclaw)
Medicine cats:
Frostlily (@Frostlily)
Soulshard (@Quake)
Riversong (@Arcane)
{reserved for Willow}
Notice: One of BlizzardClan's main herb tunnels is flooded due to the recent rainstorm, thus preventing them from getting necessary herbs for Leaf-bare. The medicine cats will have to go to other clan territories for the following herbs: Burdock Root, Comfrey, Tansy, Thyme, and Blessed Thistle.
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Blooming Flower (Daisy) | Queen | Awakening Forest Rogues

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Blooming Flower (Daisy) | Queen | Awakening Forest Rogues

Post by Konesans on Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:16 pm

Name: Blooming Flower (Daisy)
Age: 55 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Queen (usually a hunter)
Clan: Awakening Forest Rogues
Mentor: Dying Flame (Ember) | Alive
Apprentice: Freezing Water (Ice) | Alive || Falling Leaves (Autumn) | Alive || [OPEN]


Daisy is a brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and white paws. She has pale green eyes that are always sharp and skeptical. Her fur is always groomed perfectly, never a strand of fur out of place.

Personality: Daisy is a calculating and scheming she-cat whose one goal in life is to serve her mate and the Forest. She believes strongly in the Awakening and is willing to do anything to make it happen. She comes off as a sweet and kind motherly figure at first, but the mirage is quickly evaporated when she decides the cat is in her and Dying Flame's path to immortality. She remembers everything as well, which can backfire on those that she tries to blackmail. She also despises her shortened name and prefers going by Blooming Flower instead of Daisy.

Skills: (Out of ten, only three can be above seven, and only one of those three can be either hunting or fighting.)
Fighting- 3
Hunting- 9
Basic Senses- 6
Stealth- 8
Running- 6
Swimming- 5
Climbing- 6
Strength- 4
Stamina- 5
Memory skills- 8  
Herb knowledge- 4
Social skills- 6

Mother- Juniper | Kittypet | Deceased
Father- Wood | Rogue | Deceased
Siblings- None
Crush- Dying Flame (Ember) | Alive
Mate- Dying Flame (Ember) | Alive
First Litter- Burning Energy (Fire) | Alive
Second Litter- Fading Light (Night) | Alive || Freezing Water (Ice) | Alive

History: Daisy was born with her shortened name Daisy, as her mother was a kittypet named Juniper. Her mother was shortly left for dead by her Twoleg owners after they moved away. Daisy quickly learned how to survive in the forest in order to care for her mother. She was living like this until she met her future mate Dying Flame (Ember), who was just a young tom by then. She instantly fell in love with his strong and brave characteristics, and fell more deeply into his belief system about the Awakening Forest. She soon became one of his strongest believers.
One day, she raced back to her mother to tell her about him and his views. Her mother was horrified and told her to leave him alone. She went on to say bad things about the forest and how it was nothing compared to the Twolegs. Outraged, Daisy pounced on her mother and killed her. Dying Flame had followed her and watched. He came out of the brush and licked her pelt clean, purring that she was truly a believer now. Delighted, Daisy took on the name he gave her then, Blooming Flower, named not only after her short name but also after her blooming into a righteous and grand cat of the Awakening Forest.
She helped Dying Flame and Rising Moon build their group of strong believers, and is always the first to question someone's beliefs. She soon gave birth to her first kit Burning Energy (Fire). She loved her son dearly but soon moved back into the nursery with her second litter, consisting of Fading Light (Night) and Freezing Water (Ice). She loved them fiercely and helped train her daughter as a hunter.
She first noticed something was different about her daughter when Ice brought a cobweb to Daisy for her paw before a hunting accident. She was outraged at first, severely scolding her daughter before she realized her daughter might have a gift from the Forest. She went to Dying Flame and Rising Moon, who agreed that Ice had a gift and was blessed by the Forest to see things. Daisy quickly focused on training her daughter into becoming one with the Forest.  When Ice came to Daisy telling her that she was pregnant, Daisy was delighted. Nothing more excited her than the idea of her daughter giving more to the Forest, especially kits who could possibly be like her.
But one day, Daisy was out hunting in leafbare. She saw a frozen pool of water and walked over to it, staring into it as she thought about her daughter's newborn kits. The ice in the pool started cracking and splintering until it fell apart, even leaving cracks in the wet ground. Seeing it as a sign from the Forest, Daisy raced back to camp to tell her mate. They both agreed that the Forest was against Ice having kits. Daisy went to tell her daughter, but Ice refused to believe her. When Ice's mate, Swirling Water (Pool), confronted Daisy and Ember about it, Ember killed him on the spot for defiance. Daisy went to Ice and told her that her mate was a traitor to the Forest and its Awakening. In turn, she said, his kits must die because they carry traitor blood. Ice refused to believe her mother, causing Daisy to take the kits herself. The other queens held Ice back as she cried for her kits while Daisy took them into the Forest to where she saw the shattered pool. She dropped all three into the now liquid pool of water and watched unnerved as the top of the pool froze over again, drowning the kits.
Daisy recently moved into the nursery again to give birth to her third litter.

Please note that they simply believe Freezing Water is connected to the Forest. Whether or not that is true is something to consider.

~Admin Konesans~

My Cats:
- Brownleaf | Medicine Cat | SnakeClan
- Drywhisker | Medicine Cat | SeaClan
- Whitefang | Warrior | Snakeclan
- Stonetail/Lightfoot | Elders | SeaClan
- Blackfrost | Warrior | ArcaneClan
- Redflower | Queen | ArcaneClan
- Dying Flame (Ember) | Leader | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Blazing Energy (Fire) | Deputy | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Fading Light (Night) | Senior Warrior | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Resounding Sound (Echo) | Queen | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Freezing Water (Ice) | Queen | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Flowing Free (Breeze) | Kit | Awakening Forest Rogues
- Song in the Trees | Leader | Tribe of Whistling Leaves
- Whispers in the Wind | Wind Singer | Tribe of Rushing Winds
- Shadow in the Afterglow | Healer | Tribe of Glowing Fires
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Lord of Destroying the Feels

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Re: Blooming Flower (Daisy) | Queen | Awakening Forest Rogues

Post by Arcane on Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:12 am



Hi, I'm Arcane, the creator of this site! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me or if I'm not online, just message any of the other admins, and/or moderators. 

My kitties:
-Jadepaw(med cat app)
-Leafpaw(med cat app)
-Melodypool(med cat) 
-Glowingpaw(med cat app)
-Riversong(med cat app)
Rushing Winds Tribe: 
-Pool of Clear Water(Leader)
Glowing Fires Tribe: 
-Night of No Stars(Leader) 
-Dark Snow at Sunrise(Healer)
Whistling Leaves Tribe: 
-Shining Shadow on Water(heal app)
Awakening Forest: 
-Rising Moon(L) 
-Falling Sun(Dep) 
-Falling Leaves(SH) 
-Blazing Wind 
-Glowing Energy
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