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(September, October, & November)
Time of Day
Early morning
Leader: Dragonstar (@Arcane) 9 lives left
Pantherclaw (@Frostlily)
Havenwind (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Whisperdust (@Viciari)
Cinderlight (@Quake)
Lunarpaw (@Sunset)
Jadepaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Bearstar (@Hollyshade)
Eclipsemoon (@Arcane)
Glacierwave (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Flintcoal (@Viciari)
{reserved for Willow}
Flakepaw (@Quake)
Lightningpaw (@Frostlily)
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Talonfern (@Arcane)
Flameheart (@Hollyshade)
Medicine cats:
Violetsugar (@Quake)
Brownleaf (@Konesans)
Firepaw (@Frostlily)
Leafpaw (@Arcane)
Notice: SnakeClan is currently going through a drought, as so far, they've gone through Leaf-fall without any rainstorms. Patrols will have to venture to the border shared with LavaClan for water.
Leader: Phoenixstar (@Willow) 9 lives left
Sunsetflame (@Sunset)
Sleetblaze (@Quake)
Medicine cats:
Ambermoon (@Cloudclaw)
Fossilpaw (@Hollyshade)
Mistynight (@Quake)
Leader: Duskstar (@Frostlily) 7 lives left
{reserved for Willow}
Medicine cats:
Aromaspot (@Viciari)
Drywhisker (@Konesans)
Sandpaw (@Cloudclaw)
Glowingpaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Aurastar (@Viciari) 9 lives left
Sharkweb (@Quake)
Cloudclaw (@Cloudclaw)
Medicine cats:
Frostlily (@Frostlily)
Soulshard (@Quake)
Riversong (@Arcane)
{reserved for Willow}
Notice: One of BlizzardClan's main herb tunnels is flooded due to the recent rainstorm, thus preventing them from getting necessary herbs for Leaf-bare. The medicine cats will have to go to other clan territories for the following herbs: Burdock Root, Comfrey, Tansy, Thyme, and Blessed Thistle.
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Boulderstar of LavaClan

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Boulderstar of LavaClan

Post by Lilacshade on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:01 pm

Fluffy (past) -> Boulderpaw (past) -> Boulderheart (past) -> Bounderstar
39 moons old
Leader of LavaClan
Mentor: Barkclaw (deceased)
Apprentice: OPEN

Appearance: Boulderstar is a thick-furred very pale grey (appears almost white) Persian tom with pale greenish amber eyes. He is slightly muscular and is taller than most Persians his age. His tail is thicker-furred than the rest of his body. On some parts of his fur he has no color and is white, some parts of his fur is a darker grey, but he is mostly pale grey.

Personality: Boulderstar is quite strict when it comes to those younger than him, especially apprentices and kits. He is quite clever when it comes to coming up with new names for warriors but he doesn't like when others tease him because of his kitty-pet past. He gets rather angry if other disobey him but if he listens to his heart he finds he can be as gentle as a kit and as soft as his own fur. He only does what he thinks is best for his Clan and most see him as a good role model because he went above and beyond what he used to be as a kit.

Skills: (Out of ten, only three can be above seven, and only one of those three can be either hunting or fighting.)
Fighting- 9
Hunting- 3
Basic Senses- 6
Stealth- 4
Running- 7
Swimming- 1
Climbing- 6
Strength- 8
Stamina- 7
Intelligence- 9
Memory skills- 9
Herb knowledge- 2
Social skills- 6

Mother- Shimmer (kitty-pet, gray and white Persian with icy-blue eyes)
Father- Harry (rogue, dark gray Persian with brown eyes)
Littermates- Unknown
Siblings- Sparkle (kitty-pet, white Persian she-cat with amber eyes) and Twinkle (kitty-pet, dark gray and white Persian she-cat with brown eyes)
Crush- None yet
Mate- None yet
Kits- None yet

Boulderstar was born in a Two-leg next with the name of Fluffy with his sisters Twinkle and Sparkle. He was the only tom in the litter and he was specially cared for by his mother Shimmer. She would groom him every morning and let him suckle first but eventually his sisters grew jealous of him. When he was about 3 moons old he and his sisters were let outside into the garden for the first time. That was when his sisters chased him off and didn't let him ever come back. After many moons of travelling he found LavaClan when his nose scented the volcano. He still had the two-leg's collar around his throat then and when he was confronted by a LavaClan warrior named Brokenscar he was shown no mercy, but he had fought well against it. He happened upon their Clan by chance and was seen first by the former leader before him Obsidianstar , a pitch black tom with amber eyes.

He was given a test, if he could defeat Barkclaw, a dark brown tabby tom in a battle that tom would become his mentor and he would be allowed to join. He narrowly defeated the tom by his agility and smaller size and he was then named Boulderpaw from then on. After receiving his warrior name his former mentor retired to the elders den. Moons afterwards he was faced with something he didn't see coming. His own mentor's death. His mentor's last words to him were "You know why I suggested your warrior name to be Boulderheart? Because your heart is as big as a boulder." before Barkclaw took his last breath. When the old deputy had passed away in a battle, it was really surprising to him that he had been chosen, for he was often picked on for being a kitty-pet once.

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Re: Boulderstar of LavaClan

Post by Arcane on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:35 pm

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