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Our Clan Info
(September, October, & November)
Time of Day
Early morning
Leader: Dragonstar (@Arcane) 9 lives left
Pantherclaw (@Frostlily)
Havenwind (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Whisperdust (@Viciari)
Cinderlight (@Quake)
Lunarpaw (@Sunset)
Jadepaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Bearstar (@Hollyshade)
Eclipsemoon (@Arcane)
Glacierwave (@Viciari)
Medicine cats:
Flintcoal (@Viciari)
{reserved for Willow}
Flakepaw (@Quake)
Lightningpaw (@Frostlily)
Leader: Heatherstar (@Quake) 6 lives left
Talonfern (@Arcane)
Flameheart (@Hollyshade)
Medicine cats:
Violetsugar (@Quake)
Brownleaf (@Konesans)
Firepaw (@Frostlily)
Leafpaw (@Arcane)
Notice: SnakeClan is currently going through a drought, as so far, they've gone through Leaf-fall without any rainstorms. Patrols will have to venture to the border shared with LavaClan for water.
Leader: Phoenixstar (@Willow) 9 lives left
Sunsetflame (@Sunset)
Sleetblaze (@Quake)
Medicine cats:
Ambermoon (@Cloudclaw)
Fossilpaw (@Hollyshade)
Mistynight (@Quake)
Leader: Duskstar (@Frostlily) 7 lives left
{reserved for Willow}
Medicine cats:
Aromaspot (@Viciari)
Drywhisker (@Konesans)
Sandpaw (@Cloudclaw)
Glowingpaw (@Arcane)
Leader: Aurastar (@Viciari) 9 lives left
Sharkweb (@Quake)
Cloudclaw (@Cloudclaw)
Medicine cats:
Frostlily (@Frostlily)
Soulshard (@Quake)
Riversong (@Arcane)
{reserved for Willow}
Notice: One of BlizzardClan's main herb tunnels is flooded due to the recent rainstorm, thus preventing them from getting necessary herbs for Leaf-bare. The medicine cats will have to go to other clan territories for the following herbs: Burdock Root, Comfrey, Tansy, Thyme, and Blessed Thistle.
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Aurastar of Blizzardclan

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Aurastar of Blizzardclan

Post by Viciari on Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:42 pm

Name: Aurastar
Kit name: Aurakit
Apprentice name: Aurapaw
Warrior name: Aurasong
Age: 32 Moons
Gender: Female
Breed: Tabby
Rank: Leader
Clan: Blizzardclan
Mentor: Onyxsoul (Deceased)
Apprentice: Coppermist
Lives: 9

Appearance: Aurastar is a slender she-cat, with light grey fur. Black stripes mark down her face and around her eyes, framing two deep blue eyes. Across her neck is a small, hard to see white patch of fur.

Personality: Despite her young and fresh outlook, Aurastar is a serious leader who wants nothing but the best for her clan. She approaches leading with a friendly, outgoing attitude, doing her very best to try and make every cat happy, though she has a bad tendency to become a little withdrawn if things go too badly. Even with the previous leaders faith in her, she has doubts about whether she should be leader. She always brushes these doubts off however, in order to do whatever needs to be done.

Fighting- 5
Hunting- 3
Sight- 6
Hearing- 4
Scent- 4
Stealth- 5
Running- 3
Swimming- 5
Climbing- 8
Strength- 5
Stamina- 3
Intelligence- 9
Memory skills- 5
Herb knowledge- 3
Social skills- 7

Mother- Ambercall
Father- Creekscar
Littermates- Nettlewing (She-cat), Crowdust (Tom)
Siblings- Only her littermates
Crush- Open
Mate- None
Kits- None

History: Aurakit was born after Nettlekit and Crowkit, as the youngest in her litter. She was always smaller than both of them and she let it get through to her that she had to prove herself better than them.
As she matured, she was given Onyxsoul, one of the clans stronger warriors, as a mentor. He quickly taught her to stop being so competitive, as she was letting it hold her back and soon, she was excelling under his training, catching the attention of Aspenstar.

After she became a warrior, she fought hard for her clan, continuing to attract attention to herself. Aspenstar, starting to see potential, made her the mentor of Copperpaw, a known trouble maker. Through her training of him, Aurasong managed to make a great warrior out of him and stood proudly beside him as he received his warrior name. But it came to a surprise to everyone when immediately after, Aurasong was made a deputy, Aspenstar saying that the young she-cat had more than proved herself.

Unfortunately, little more than five moons later, Aspenstar lost her life to a fox, making Aurasong the new leader. Despite feeling incredibly overwhelmed, she stepped up to the task and became Aurastar, earning her nine lives.

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Re: Aurastar of Blizzardclan

Post by Arcane on Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:36 pm



Hi, I'm Arcane, the creator of this site! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me or if I'm not online, just message any of the other admins, and/or moderators. 

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